– The Actors –

Pierre Bokma • «Thomas»

Pierre Bokma (1955) is arguably the Netherlands' most renowned stage and film actor. Bokma won an Emmy Award in 2007 and was recently lauded for his work in the drama Tonio (Paula van der Oest, 2016).


Sytske van der Ster • «Nathalie»

Sytske van der Ster (1978), a prominent and multi-talented Dutch actress and singer on stage and screen, is most widely known for her work in TV series like De Co-assistent, Levenslied and Heer & Meester.

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Léonard Barkley • «Henri»

Léonard Barkley (1998) is a promising and enthousiast young French/American actor. The Blue Virgin is his second big role, after his promising début in the French mini series Game of life (2014-2015).


Tatiana Chiline • «Cathérine»

Tatiana Chiline made a name for herself in To the Wonder (Terrence Malick, 2012), after which she received training by Paris-based Australian director Elise McLeod.


– The Core Team –

Tim Klok
Director / Producer

Tim Klok is a distinct and talented voice in the Dutch film landscape, having made remarkable work like the two-part WWII concentration camp drama Camp Vught (2007) and several exciting short films. He is also an accomplished editor for fiction and documentary.


Joeri Pruys
Screenwriter / Producer

As a screenwriter, producer and all round filmmaker, Joeri Pruys has created several remarkable short films as well as a multitude of experimental work. Additionally, he writes essays and stories. He recently founded film production company Naked Pictures with Ewoud Bon.



VandePunt is a Dutch production company, enthusiastically headed by producers/filmmakers Carl van de Wetering and Puck Mickers. They combine an acute business sense with a keen eye for quality and storytelling. The Blue Virgin is their first fiction production.


Ewoud Bon Director of Photography / Producer Ewoud Bon is a director of photography, film producer and photographer based in Amsterdam, known for his beautiful camera work on Sensei Redenshon (German Gruber Jr, 2013). He recently founded film production company Naked Pictures with Joeri Pruys. Website
Robbie van Boeijen Production Designer Robbie van Boeijen's work as a production designer and art director was set apart by its ingenuity, visual excitement and narrative strength. He passed away in 2016 during preproduction. We miss him every day. IMDb
Ot Louw Editor Ot Louw is one of the Netherlands' most renowned editors and a veteran in the industry, having already received an honorary Gouden Kalf for his oeuvre in 1992. He recently edited films like Sonny Boy (Maria Peters, 2011) and Ik ook van jou (Ruud van Hemert, 2011). IMDb
Tina de Frétes Costume Designer Tina de Frétes is a very experienced and talented costume designer, whose delicately crafted work can be seen in Joyride (Frank Herrebout, 2005) and many commercials. IMDb
Rob Taheij VFX Supervisor Rob Taheij is a Dutch VFX specialist working as Pipeline Techical Director at world-class VFX company Framestore London. For The Blue Virgin, he managed a talented team of more than 30 VFX artists located in several countries. IMDb
Peter van Haastrecht Music Composer Peter van Haastrecht composes music for film, tv and other media. He is an accomplished musician as well as composer, and always creates stunning work. Website

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