The film

The Blue Virgin is an international short film drama with black-comedy undertones starring one of the Netherlands' most renowned actors, Pierre Bokma.

The story, set in the sixties, revolves around Thomas, an extremely wealthy man, played by Bokma. When his beautiful wife Nathalie (Sytske van der Ster) is kidnapped on a holiday in the south of France, he tries to buy her back with his fortune. But this causes him to get entangled in a centuries-old feud, that is being fought in true medieval fashion.


The Blue Virgin stars renowned character actor Pierre Bokma and prominent Dutch actress Sytske van der Ster alongside young French talents Léonard Barkley and Tatiana Chiline. The film was directed by Tim Klok and written by Joeri Pruys.

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The location

The Blue Virgin was shot on location in and around the gorgeous French village of Montbrun-les-Bains, a medieval village with winding streets, picturesque valley views and a beautiful old church.

In fact, the people of Montbrun were instrumental in bringing our film to life: the municipality was of tremendous help to the production team, and many of the extras in the film are inhabitants of Montbrun. On top of that, the nearby legendary mountain Mont Ventoux was also extensively used as a film location.

The facts

Running time 34 minutes
Languages French, Dutch (also available with French or English subtitles)
Filming locations Montbrun-les-Bains and Mont Ventoux, France

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