Press release: Pierre Bokma stars in The Blue Virgin

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Award-winning actor Pierre Bokma will play the leading role in the short film The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd). The prominent actress Sytske van der Ster becomes his co-star. This was announced today by the producers. The Blue Virgin is a short, independently funded film drama that will be filmed on location this spring in the […]

Update on casting and shooting period

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We have great news: we have our main actor locked. We have to keep his name secret for a while still, but he is an actor who is generally recognized as one of the best Dutch film actors of the moment! As soon as we can announce him, you will of course hear from us. […]

A thank you to our sponsors and donors

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Hi sponsors and donors to The Blue Virgin! Thank you very much for your contributions. A few weeks ago our crowdfunding campaign ended and we have achieved no less than 148% of our target amount through your generous contributions! Wow! Your contributions enable us to make a very cool short film that hopefully you will […]

Crowdfunding campaign ended successfully

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The crowdfunding campaign for The Blue Virgin was a success! We collected more than 22,000 euros, which was 148% of our target amount. Now that we have our starting budget, The Blue Virgin will be made for sure. The shooting period is planned for this spring. The Blue Virgin is a spectacular short film that will […]

Crowdfunding launch at Eindhovens Film Festival

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During the official award show of the Eindhoven Film Festival, five filmmakers gave the go-ahead for the crowdfunding campaign for The Blue Virgin, a short film part of a plan to turn the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant into a bustling film region. Tim Klok, Carl van de Wetering, Puck Mickers, Joeri Pruys and Ewoud Bon […]