The Blue Virgin deep in post production


We inch closer and closer to the final goal. The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd) is beginning to take its final shape.

A little recap. Last spring we traveled with cast and crew to the French village of Montbrun-les-Bains to shoot the film. The last shooting day, on top of the Mont Ventoux, we were ambushed by heavy weather. Because of this, we could not film the spectacular final scene and we had to bring the whole team to France a few weeks later. Fortunately, the weather suited us better second time around, so we entered post production with good feelings and beautiful images.


The editing of the film is in the hands of none other than Ot Louw, who is known by, among others, Sonny Boy and Kruimeltje and in 1992 won a Golden Calf for his oeuvre. We can now proudly say that we have ‘picture lock’, which means that the image editing is finished, and we are very pleased with the result! But we are not there yet: the next steps include VFX (visual effects), music, sound design and color correction.

Visual effects

We have a world-class visual effects team. The VFX team led by Rob Taheij consists of Hannes Sap, Pim Hendriks, Frans Suijs, Timo van Lierop, Mark van Kuik and many others. On the basis of Rob’s 120-page VFX plan, the team is adding the necessary effects, shot by shot, sometimes frame by frame.

Music and sound

At the same time, composer Peter van Haastrecht is working hard on the music. And wow, it’s so great music and images are coming together. In the meantime, the sound is already being significantly enhanced: Max van den Oever has synched the location sound with the images and Aline Bruijns has started with the sound design. And finally WarnierPosta, leading film sound facility, will make the final mix.

Image finalisation

Also great news is that Filmmore, a top-notch post production outfit, is on board for the finishing of the image (for example, they have also finished Brimstone, Storm: Letters of Fire and Flight HS13).

All in all, we are rapidly advancing, but in spite of that it will take a long time to complete the film. Our expectation is that the film will be completely finished in the first quarter of next year. Then we will have a little more insight into the date and location of the premiere … We will keep you informed!