Press release: Pierre Bokma stars in The Blue Virgin


Award-winning actor Pierre Bokma will play the leading role in the short film The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd). The prominent actress Sytske van der Ster becomes his co-star. This was announced today by the producers. The Blue Virgin is a short, independently funded film drama that will be filmed on location this spring in the medieval French village of Montbrun-les-Bains.

The Blue Virgin is a short Dutch/French film drama with black-comic undertones that takes place in the sixties. Pierre Bokma plays Thomas, a very rich businessman from the Netherlands. When his beautiful young wife Nathalie (Sytske van der Ster) is kidnapped on a romantic holiday in the South of France, he tries to buy her back with his fortune. But this entangles him in an age-old feud, which is fought in accordance with medieval rule.

The Blue Virgin is directed by Tim Klok, who earlier made a name for himself with concentration camp drama Who will help me now. The film was written by Joeri Pruys, also one of the producers of the short film, and best known as a producer of international feature film Rotterdam, I Love You. In addition, Carl van de Wetering and Puck Mickers (VandePunt Film Productions) and Ewoud Bon (producer of the Curaçao feature film Sensei Redenshon) will take part in the production team. French-speaking characters are played by Tatiana Chiline, who made her debut in 2012 in To The Wonder by Terrence Malick, and French/American young film talent Léonard Barkley.

The film presents a timeless theme: in times of struggle and conflict everyone is forced to choose a side. Director Klok: “The Blue Virgin is about the choices you have to make when that which is most dear to you is at stake, and staying neutral is not an option anymore. We want to make a film that addresses this theme in an intense and visual way. ”

The Blue Virgin is part of a worldwide trend in independent film financing, in which sponsorship and crowdfunding are becoming increasingly important. The producers aim to play a pioneering role in this trend. The crowdfunding campaign for De Blauwe Maagd was one of the most successful in the Dutch film to date: 148% of the target amount was donated well before the end of the campaign. The rest of the funding comes from corporate sponsors and private donations.

The Blue Virgin is being filmed in May this year. Festive pre-premieres are planned in Montbrun-les-Bains and in the Netherlands and the world premiere will take place at an international film festival. For distribution, the makers approach innovative global online platforms.