Full steam ahead for The Blue Virgin


In this blog post a few updates from the production team of The Blue Virgin (De Blauwe Maagd), so you stay well informed of our progress!

Soirée Publique: the village is excited

Two weeks ago we made a work trip to Montbrun-les-Bains, the village where we are going to film. We held a Soirée Publique (information evening) in the town hall to inform the residents of the village about the practical aspects of the shoot. Everyone was very enthusiastic, so we are looking forward to a great shooting period together with the village.

New shooting period

The shooting period is now planned for the end of October this year. As you probably know, we had the intention to film in April, but unfortunately that was not possible due to the reduced availability of one of our key players. Fortunately, it also has many advantages to film later in the year: we have more time to perfect clothing, set designs and props!

Casting in full swing

We have, as you could already deduce from the previous paragraph, taken significant steps with the casting. Who our candidates are we will keep under wraps for now, but we can already say that our key players will be of high caliber. We’ve also taken big steps finding extras: dozens of residents of Montbrun-les-Bains have signed up.

Bottles of wine raffled

As promised, we have raffled ten bottles of wine among all our donors. Do you want to know if you are one of the lucky winners of a bottle of Grand Cru Vinsobres from Domaine Vallot? Look here for the draw: https://www.facebook.com/deblauwemaagd/videos/1537309669902198/.

Premiere in planning

The question we get most often is: “When is the premiere and where can I buy (extra) tickets?” The answer is: we are still pinpointing a precise premiere date. But as soon as we know the date, we will tell you via this blog and Facebook.