Crowdfunding campaign ended successfully


The crowdfunding campaign for The Blue Virgin was a success! We collected more than 22,000 euros, which was 148% of our target amount. Now that we have our starting budget, The Blue Virgin will be made for sure. The shooting period is planned for this spring.

The Blue Virgin is a spectacular short film that will be filmed entirely on location in the South of France. The production team consists of VandePunt Filmproductions from Gemert (Puck Mickers and Carl van de Wetering), the Eindhoven director Tim Klok and scriptwriter Joeri Pruys. The film will be a high-quality production with a professional cast and crew and will be shown worldwide at larger film festivals.

The crowdfunding campaign was hosted on the acclaimed CineCrowd platform and had a cross-media approach in which online video played a major role. The team of The Blue Virgin also called on regional entrepreneurs to sponsor the project. In addition, local media partners such as Gemerts Nieuwsblad have played a major role in activating the regional fans of the makers.

Director Tim Klok is very pleased with the outcome of the campaign: “It is cool to see that the themes we want to touch upon in the film turn out to resonate with many people. The Blue Virgin will have an audience, that much is clear. So we’re going to get started!”

The team will keep the public informed through the Facebook page of the film.